Windows erfolgreich installieren...



Problem: Error 0x80300024 when installing Windows 8.


Solution: Before starting the installation of Windows 8 plug in only the hard drive to which you want to install the operating system Windows 8.


Statement: I am describing here the situation as it was with me on this error and how I solved this. I installed in my desktop PC two data storages.


1.) a solid state disk (SSD) for Linux and

2.) a normal hard disk drive (HDD) for Windows.


On the HDD I have held a primary partition of sufficient size, formatted with the new technology file system (NTFS) for Windows 8 to install. So everything all right?


The installation routine of Windows 8 saw this differently. The installation could not be performed until I opened the case of my PC and disconnected the SSD from electricity (note: please, for security reasons, unbend the PC from the power network (i.e., disconnect the power plug).


After I tried installing only on the HDD, there were no more problems and the error message "0x80300024 unable to install" failed to materialize.


After installation I have (please note above safety hint) connected my SSD again. After booting Linux, I updated the bootmanager with "update-grub". Therefore Windows 8 was available in the boot manager and could be started without any problem.


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Thank you!



P.S.: Please note that I take no responsibility for any damage, if you follow my instructions to solve this problem.